Only the very best for our customers.

Superior Lamp was founded in 1977 with the simple philosophy to provide the very best in premium quality lighting to each and every establishment that utilizes light bulbs.

With the absolute longest guarantee in the business, our commitment to customer service and unparalleled reputation, Superior Lamp consistently rises above the competition creating new standards in the lighting industry.

The Superior trademark signifies components that are made from the very best materials, construction and design available. Superior’s dedication to quality has made us a top supplier of heavy duty industrial lighting in the USA.

Specializing in environmentally friendly and innovative lighting technology, we feel gratified knowing our customers greatly benefit from the use of our “Superior” products while saving them time, effort, energy and money.

What We Do

What We Do Two Men in Warehouse

As a Superior Lamp sales representative you will have great confidence when speaking to customers, knowing that you are selling them the very best lighting products, backed by the longest written guarantee in the industry. Every day, we help our customers replace their inefficient, poor quality lighting with our “Superior” products that not only save time, effort, energy and money but also:

• Provide a whiter and brighter, color corrected light.

• Support our country - Our premium fluorescents are proudly made in the USA.

• The longest guarantee in the industry - Our heavy duty fluorescents are guaranteed for 10 years!

• Creating a healthier work environment - In addition to our full spectrum lighting reducing headaches, glare and eye strain, studies show employees are happier, and far more productive in a well lit work atmosphere.

• Safer - Our lights last much longer, therefore resulting in fewer trips up and down ladders (Falls from ladders are the leading cause of injuries in the work place.)

• Better for the Environment - Our Premium Fluorescent line are environmentally friendly and labeled TCLP Compliant.

• Reduce energy consumption - Having the most efficient bulbs in the industry, significantly lowering customer’s electric bills, resulting in substantial savings.

• Always current - In the ever evolving lighting industry, Superior Lamp consistently offers the very best and up to date technology, including a full line of exceptional LED products.

Our Products - HEAVY DUTY™ Construction

Our Philosophy

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    Superior Lamp Inc.'s product is 'World Class' and unparalleled in the Heavy Duty™ industrial lighting field. Our company markets only the highest quality lighting products and has been the standard of our industry since 1977.
  • 100%


    The greatest day in a salesperson’s life is the day they discover “Nothing is impossible.” The one who can "Dream Big" will go that extra mile, step up and reach high achieving six figure incomes.
  • 100%


    All of Superior Lamp Inc Heavy Duty products proudly boast and unconditional written guarantee that specifies their unmatched performance and lifespan.

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