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We have a reputation that is unparalleled in the Heavy Duty™ industrial lighting field. Our company markets only the highest quality lighting products and has been the standard of our industry since 1977. We carry all types of replacement bulbs. (Fluorescent Tubes, all sizes, Incandescents, all types, including Floods, Decoratives, Metal Halides, Mercury Vapors, High Pressure Sodiums and 30 year Ballasts). All our products are Heavy Duty™ industrial and are rated to last 18 times longer than the standard household bulb. Our product line includes even those hard to get bulbs. As a National Company we are dedicated to serving our customers with our guaranteed and Energy Saving products.

Industrial - For those areas that are difficult to reach, excessive vibration or need for additional light output. Check out our full line of Superior Lamp Heavy Duty™ industrial products.

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