Superior Lamp

Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Superior Lamp's Heavy Duty™ Enviro-Twist™ Compact Fluorescent lamps
can save you up to 83% in energy savings,
95% in labor savings and 95% lamp savings!


Now Available in Par and Mini Enviro-Twist™ Designs!

Superior Lamp Inc., Enviro-twist™, compact fluorescent lamps heavy duty construction includes a balanced spectrum due to the rare earth phosphors used, this improves color rendition. Color Stable Phosphors are used, which stay brighter much longer. Our high temperature rated electronics are designed for a longer life and are rated for commercial and industrial applications. Superior Lamp's Electronic Ballast in the base, allows for instant starting and up to 83% energy savings on your energy bill. Go to Superior to find out more on Superior Ultimate™ Freshwite® Enviro-Twists™.

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