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L.E.D.'s the Future of Solid State Lighting


Superior Lamp Inc., Heavy Duty™ L.E.D. (Light Emmitting Diode) Lamps save up to 85% energy, use cutting-edge hi-output LED’s. Superior lamp offers these LED lamps in the Vitalux Xtrabrite™ color. These lamps are whiter & brighter, instant-on, full brightness, compared to standard LED lamps. Our LED lamps are also mercury free, and have no UV output.

Regular lamps have a very short life, most lamps will burnout as early 6 months, Superior Lamps Heavy Dut™ LED lamps are guaranteed for 15 years.

Superior Lamp Inc., Heavy Duty™ LED lamps have a detailed design & construction.

XTRABRITE LEDs, are cutting edge technology using a top quality LED chip that maintains 90% brightness after 5 years. Which helps Superior Lamp LED’s stay whiter & brighter!

STANDARD LAMPS often use old technology and overdrive their LEDs to increase brightness, overdriving LED's causes the lamp to loose light very quickly (up to 30% and as early as 6 months)

Superior Lamp Inc. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, MAXI-COOL™ ALUMINUM CHASSIS LED’s have excellent heat control and are designed for all-day usage. This high tech design extends the lamp life and minimizes color shift.

STANDARD LAMPS are designed to be used in residential areas, thus they contain short life components and are restricted to 4 hours a day at the maximum. They are designed for household use, not for commercial use.

Superior Lamp LED's have a wide full smooth beam spread from the precision optics. These LEDs are designed to replace incandescent and halogen lamps. These Heavy Duty lamps also have a cool beam and emit no UV (ultraviolet rays).

STANDARD LAMPS produce pools of light, have poor beam control, which wastes light, and can yellow over time.

Superior Lamp LEDs are created using components designed to last a minimum of 15 years. These industrial grade components stay-in-spec which extends the LED lamp life and minimizes color shift.

PRECISION OPTICS, using Premium Quality materials translates to great light control, the optics are designed to optimize output.

NATURAL LIGHT, balanced spectrum, similar to mid-day sunlight, reduces eyestrain, also available in Hearth-Glo™

SHORT LIFE LED LAMPS lasts 6-12 months, verses Superior Lamp Inc. Heavy Duty™ LED lamps lasting 15 years.

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