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Superior Lamp full spectrum lighting description  Superior Lamp full spectrum lighting information analysisSuperior Lamp Inc. full spectrum lighting decription

Superior Lamp full spectrum, fluorescent lamp colors have a natural light with a fresh outdoor feeling. The full spectrum lighting is similar to natural light that improves attitudes. The Superior Lamp Full spectrum fluorescent lamp renders colors vividly and accurately, increasing productivity. Superior Lamp full spectrum lamps also reduce glare and eyestrain. The Freshwite® Xtrabrite lamp is a crisp white light which gives a natural feeling indoors, whites are whiter and colors more vivid. These lamps improve color accuracy reducing eye glare and eye strain, improving overall ability to see things better. Ideal for offices, factories, retail operations and anywhere quality light is desired. The Superior Lamp, Freshwite®, Xtrabrites have a tone of bright white that is crisp and white. FWX8651, 5100K, 86 C.R.I, FWX8550, 5000K, 85 C.R.I.

Superior Lamps Vitalux™ VL9156, full spectrum lamp has a balanced blend of the colors in a rainbow, closely simulating the sun’s full spectrum. It renders colors vividly and accurately. Glare and eyestrain are greatly reduced providing excellent seeability. Ideal for colorful retail operations, print shops, paint stores and anywhere high color accuracy is desired. Superior Lamp Inc. Vitalux™ VL9156, full spectrum lighting, 5600K, 91 C.R.I. This lamp compares to a natural sunlight without the glare, presenting vivid accurate colors. The Superior Vitalux™ fluorescent lamps are often said to have beautiful balanced colors. Superior Lamp Inc., also has the Spectra-Coolwite™ CW6741, and Hearth Glo™ HG5430, both rendering with an excess of the yellow and orange colors, creating a warmer tone.

Superior Lamp testing on light measurements with the light meter shows that the light meter accurately measures light in the yellow part of the spectrum. But the light meter under measures light in the blue part of the spectrum. The light meter does all the measurements in lumens. The study on the human eye, studies the cones in the eye, as they see the same spectrum as light meter (yellow), rods and cones in the eye see the blue part of the spectrum. “Seeable Lumens” measures both blue and yellow spectrums. This method of measuring light was developed by Lawrence Berkeley Labs in California.

Superior Lamp Complete Fluorescent Color Listings

Full Spectrum
Superior Lamps Freshwite®, Xtrabrite, 8651 5100K, C.R.I. 86, Tone-Bright white
Superior Lamps Freshwite®, Xtrabrite, 8550 5000K, C.R.I. 85, Tone-Bright White.
A crisp, white light gives a natural feeling indoors. Improved color accuracy reduces glare and eyestrain while improving seeability and light levels. This lamp is ideal for offices, factories, retail operations or anywhere quality light is desired.

Superior Lamps Freshwite® 8251, 5100K C.R.I. 82 Tone-Bright White
A crisp, white light which gives a natural feeling while indoors. Improves color accuracy reduces glare and eyestrain while improving seeability. This lamp is ideal for offices, factories, retail operations or anywhere quality light is desired.

Vitalux™ 9156, 5600K, C.R.I. 91, Tone- Balanced Full Spectrum.
The colors of the rainbow are carefully blended together to simulate natural sunshine. It Renders color accurately and vividly while reducing glare and eyestrain while improving seeability . Ideal for offices, factories, retail operations or anywhere quality light is required.

Blue Tone

Superior Lamps Spectra-Daylight™ 8265, 6500K, C.R.I. 82, Tone-bluish White.
Provide a very cool bluish color similar to noon skylight. It has the tendency to strengthen greens and blues but tends to grey reds and oranges. After long extended exposure to this light the human eye may suffer from strain and fatigue due to excess blue.

Yellow Tones

Superior Lamps Spectra-Colwite™ 6741, 4150K, C.R.I. 67, Tone-yellow white. The most common fluorescent color in use today. Used for general illumination where high light output is more important than color quality. It tends to strengthen orange, yellow and blue while it tends to grey reds. Eyestrain and glare may result with prolonged use. Common usage would be in hallways, warehouses, corridors and anywhere color quality is not important.

Golden Tones

Superior Lamps Spectra-Sunrise® 7535, 3500K, C.R.I. 75, Tone-warm
Creates a warm inviting atmosphere similar to warm white while providing improved color rendition. It enhances pinks, reds, skin and wood tones. Its deep, rich warm colors coupled with its improved color rendering make it an ideal source for furniture stores or anywhere a warm atmosphere and improved color rendition are desired.

Superior Lamps Hearth-Glo™ 5430 (Warm White) 3000K, C.R.I., 53.6, Tone-orange white lamps create a warm inviting atmosphere that draws and holds peoples comfort level. It will enhance pinks, reds, skin tones and wood tones. It also enriches wood colors making it ideal for furniture stores, restaurants, lounges and certain offices.

Specialty Colors

Superior Lamps Spectra-75™ 9575, 7500K, C.R.I. 95, Tone-bluish white
The highest color rendition tube offered. Used wherever clarity in color is essential. Typical uses would be where clarity in color is highly essential. Typical uses would be in color printing, textile mills, artwork, museums, and floral shops. Also possesses the unique ability to visually whiten yellowed objects, such as old bowling pins.

Superior Lamps Display Pink, 2800K, C.R.I., 81, Tone-pink
A blended soft pink light that enhances its surroundings with a subtle natural looking warmth. It compliments all warm colors and adds a glow to human skin tones. Display Pink is also used to highlight product display areas where accent on red colors is desired.

Superior Lamp Reference

Incandescent lamps emit a color spectrum high in yellow, orange and red, while very deficient in violet, blue and green. They render earth tone colors, skin and wood tones in a most flattering manner. Matching green, blue and black objects under the incandescent light is difficult due to its poor rendering ability.

Natural Sunlight is shown here in the sunlight circle representing the light as we experience it naturally. As can been seen in this representation, natural sunlight fills the eye’s sensitivity range perfectly, and gives us a reference for examining fluorescent colors.

Kelvin Temperature K
The temperature to which a standard black body must be heated to give off a particular color of light. Incandescent filaments follow this black body relationship of color temperature quite closely while other light sources ( i.e. Fluorescent) do not. A higher color temperature means more blue or white light, while a lower temperature is more pronounced in yellows and reds.

Color rendering Index, C.R.I. is a measurement in percentage of how closely an artificial light source approximates natural sunlight in bringing out colors. CRI is expressed as a percentage, with sunlight registering at 100% and good light sources approaching this value.

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